Oh no! My computer has crashed and I need it NOW! I can’t get an appointment at the Apple Store for a week!

Why is my iPhone not synching with my other Apple devices? I’m frustrated!

Nowadays, whether you are working or not, technology runs our lives so long as it works. When it doesn’t most IT professionals don’t have the patience to help people who feel challenged by technology. They work fast, talk in jargon and assume you understand.

We have found a fabulous technical genius with over 20 years IT experience. She can fix your technical malfunctions and can teach you new skills to help you get the most out of your Mac computer and Apple devices.

Meet Salena Oppenheimer, founder of Learn To Love Your Mac. She adjusts her teaching style and pace of learning to suit you without bombarding you with techy language. She can improve your skills on your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer to make life run more smoothly.


Salena’s services include:

  • Learn how to customise your Mac and learn simple shortcuts.
  • Make a smooth transition from a PC to a Mac.
  • Advice on purchasing your new computer. Make sure you buy a Mac with the specs that suit your needs so you don’t run out of storage.
  • Organise your data and learn how to back up your computer.
  • Photos: learn how to categorise, organise and edit your photos. Learn how to make beautiful books, calendars and cards.
  • Understand the Mac operating system and maximise your Mac OS X applications.
  • Improve your emailing with Mac Mail. Salena can help you set up and trouble shoot any email issues you are having.
  • Upgrades and updates – install new RAM to increase the speed of your computer.
  • Understand iTunes and learn how to integrate your Apple devices. Learn how to build a music collection, download music, TV shows and movies. Learn how to transfer music to your iPod or iPhone.
  • Printer connection problems.
  • Setting up new equipment such as printers, scanners, bluetooth devices, routers and more.

What we love about Salena? She is calm, patient and friendly and teaches people at their own pace.  A fabulous stress-free alternative to going to the Apple store!

Rates are £50 an hour.

So whether you’re looking for a straightforward fix or want to improve your computer skills, Salena is your girl! So don’t delay! Call her to see how she can assist you with all of your Apple Mac needs.




+44 (0)7876 724312

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