Lockdown has been difficult for all of us.

From home schooling to waiting in virtual queues to online shop. But the most common complaint from lockdown that we can all relate too… Hair cuts.

We have always taken hairdressers for granted. Didn’t even think I went that frequently, and we knew it wasn’t just us, as we peered into other peoples living rooms on TV and smiled at the celebrities with roots showing and improvised haircuts of experts and members of the public, we probably even watched the same how to on YouTube.

Well, these styles of our times days are numbered as the next phase of lockdown easing will finally allow hairdressers to open and our roots finally coloured. Muswell Hills Mums’ favourite Salon Kay & Kompany has been preparing for this moment by setting up safe workspaces and practices for the safety of clients and salon staff with new Health & Safety Policies and Procedures put in place.


The Covid-ready salon is set to open on 4th July. You can now PRE-BOOK your appointments with Kay and Kompany by emailing Elli at elli@kayandkompany.com
with Your Following Details; (Copy & Paste Below)

(Subject Box:  Re: Appointments – Name)

Full Name:

Mobile No:


Your Preferred Stylist:

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Service Required:

Elli and her team are looking forward to welcoming you back!

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