No matter how old or new, how big or small, local ScarWork therapist Kathy Stephens can help. ScarWork is a hands on complementary therapy developed to resolve and release problematic scar tissue, whether caused by injury, surgery or burns. It is a gentle approach, developed over the last forty years by American therapist Sharon Wheeler.


ScarWork comprises nineteen techniques designed to integrate tissue: softening lumps and bumps; taking the tension out of ‘strings’ and ‘ropes’; resolving ridges and knots and filling holes and gaps. You will recognise these descriptions if you own or have touched a problematic scar. The approach is gentle and should never be painful, even on new scars.

It is never too late to improve a scar – clients have found improvements in even decades old scars. The minimum time to elapse before beginning treatment is 12 weeks. ScarWork can help the very young right through to the elderly.
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During a treatment, Kathy focuses on the tissue beneath the surface to release adhesions and improve function, however the visual appearance of a scar is often dramatically improved as well. Small, uncomplicated scars may be resolved in a single thirty minute sessions. Larger scars may take three to five hour-long sessions, sometimes beyond with integrative body work to improve posture and functioning.

– What are adhesions?

Adhesions are areas of scar fibrotic tissue that can stick organs and other tissues together. They are very common after abdominal and gynaecological surgery – 95% of patients develop them. It is important to note that not all adhesions cause problems. However, they can cause kinks and twists in the digestive, urinary or reproductive systems, for example, sticking loops of the intestine together, reducing function and creating pain.

– Why has it taken until now? 

I think we have not had an accepted approach to treating scars until Sharon developed this work because until the development of antibiotics, so many wounds would have been fatal. We are simply surviving more trauma, from both accidents and surgery, so we have more scars.

– What sorts of scars can ScarWork help with?

ScarWork can be effective for people with scars from surgery, injury or burns. I see many clients with Cesarean Sections, gynaecological or abdominal surgery because these scars frequently form adhesions and restrictions. With C-sections, which, let’s not forget, is major surgery, self care is often lost in the exhaustion of caring for a young baby. Other clients have knee, hip or shoulder issues from operations and accidents. Facial scars are a pleasure and a challenge because while they are sometimes small they can have a big impact on how a person feels about themselves. ScarWork is not suitable for keloid scars, where scar tissue grows beyond the original wound.

– What happens in a session?

I send the client a consultation form in advance of the session to maximise the time available for hands on treatment. I will assess the client’s scar and posture visually and palpate it, noticing any strings, ropes, holes, bumps, ridges and so on. I usually ask the client to feel their scar at this point as well. Then the hands on work begins.


60 minute session £55
30 minute session £35
Home visit (60 mins) £70
I am able to offer a limited number of reduced rate sessions for those in need.
Mobile 07827 966498
Appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30-2pm

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