– Supporting you to rebuild your relationship with food, eating and your body. –

Has your relationship with food and your body spiralled out of control?

Do you eat too much, eat too little or struggle with the physical act of eating?

Many people keep their behaviours hidden for fear of being judged. This often leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation, shame and self-criticism.

Dr Vanessa Bogle offers a warm, compassionate, active and tailored treatment for those who struggle with difficulties around weight, food, eating and body image. Treatment involves identifying and addressing the underlying factors that are keeping your difficulties going and on preventing setbacks. It will help you to understand your eating difficulties, establish a regular pattern of eating, eat intuitively and develop a more relaxed and accepting approach to food, your body and yourself.

Eating intuitively will help you to break free from arbitrary food rules and restrictions and external influences over what you can and cannot eat, enabling you to focus on internal cues for eating.

Vanessa works from a Cognitive Behavioural perspective (CBT), a leading treatment for eating disorders/weight management. She also draws upon other therapeutic approaches including Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness. She is committed to establishing a trusting relationship, in which you experience respect, acceptance and understanding. Treatment goals are agreed on and worked towards collaboratively.

Vanessa also provides treatment for a wider range of health difficulties, including:

– Low mood and depression

– Anxiety


– Phobias

– Physical health condition management (eg. chronic pain/diabetes)

– Sleep problems

– Trauma and PTSD

– Low self-esteem and confidence

15-minute telephone consultation free of charge. To book a session or to obtain further information contact Dr Vanessa Bogle

(Chartered Psychologist and CBT Psychotherapist – trained in nutritional rehabilitation)

Private practice in Highgate and Central London locations.

Email: drbogle@innovative-health.uk

Tel: 07956 532768

Website: www.innovative-health.uk

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