Christmas on the Hill, a local family business, are delighted to be able to offer FREE DELIVERY to all Muswell Hill Mums.

In addition to this, Christmas on the Hill donate 10% of the profit from every sale to local schools and homeless shelters.

Supporting a local businesses means fewer miles and fewer emissions. And for every tree cut, another is planted in its place. All their trees are Nordmann Fir, considered by many to be the King of Trees. They are famous for retaining their needles and they look stunning once decorated, as well as smelling pretty heavenly.

Tree 2 (1)

Christmas on the Hill’s handmade wreaths are made from sustainable foliage and all glass baubles are made from recycled glass. Click below to order for an ethical, sustainable, stress-free Christmas.

Cones Wreath

Enter promo code MHMUMS at checkout.

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