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It’s the last week before the festivities set it and soon we will enter 2019. Are you ready to smash your fitness goals?

Keeping fit and healthy is key to most of us when we become mums, however, finding the time can seem like a job in itself! That’s why it is essential to find a personal trainer or fitness class that works for you! So, as always, we’ve had our beady eyes out for a unique trainer who can help our local mums achieve their fitness goals.

We at Muswell Hill Mums recently had the good fortune to try one of Yuliyana Georgieva‘s Indoor Boot Camp sessions and my goodness did she put us through our paces! Yuliyana is a locally based Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Her skills are second to none and on entering the gym it didn’t take her long to identify our weaknesses.


The Indoor Boot Camp Sessions take place in a private gym with no membership requirement. An initial assessment helps Yuliyana to understand your goals and build a training program to meet your individual needs. Sessions are fun, high energy and challenging!


Yuliyana is a strong believer in the power of working out with friends, family and colleagues. Yuliyana feels groups are motivating and that supporting each other and sharing accomplishments will make you work harder and help you to achieve your goals.

Yuliyana tailors a programme that will deliver quick results, even if you have different levels of fitness. Sessions are designed to provide strength training in an intense interval based style. Groups are always small. Just some advice from us at Muswell Hill Mums….. Be prepared to sweat!


She also offers specific post-natal fitness programmes which will address your unique physical needs by prescribing the most suitable exercises to help you restore your core strength and retrain your pelvis floor after birth.

Consultations are free, so go ahead! Give her a call. If you have a goal she has the tools to help you get there. Prices start at £25 per session for group personal training.

Unstoppable Fitness Studio

5-6 Summerland Gardens, N10 3QN

Contact: https://www.ypgfitness.co.uk/contact-me/

Phone: 07717 280679



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