Coolhurst LTC

Tucked away in beautiful grounds, Coolhurst LTC is one of London’s most vibrant and successful tennis clubs offering an enviable range of playing options and social activities for members.

One area the club is hugely passionate about is the junior tennis programme, which caters for kids from 4 years old, right through the ages. The goal is to provide quality coaching in a fun environment, inspiring kids to be the best they can be.

Coolhurst LTC Juniors

The programme is designed around the 4 main areas of development to learn the skill sets needed to play and enjoy the game of tennis. The 4 main areas are Athleticism, Co-Ordination, Tactical, Technical and Attitiude.

Development Area Features
Athleticism : Balance, Agility, Speed, Strength, Footwork
Coordination : Catch & Throw, Ball Skills, Receiving Skills
Tactical & Technical : Swing Shapes, Stroke Development, Game Play
Attitude : Confidence, Sportsmanship, Determination, Respect

Alongside the term time programme Coolhurst also runs popular holiday camps during the school holidays.

Finally, in case you were in any doubt, tennis really is THE all rounder when it comes to health benefits. Both physically and mentally. Here’s a few highlights :

* Increase Hand-Eye Coordination.
* Accept Responsibility.
* Increase Problem Solving Skills.
* Learn Sportsmanship.
* Improve Mental Strength.
* Learn Dedication.
* Improve Social Skills.
* Learn Strategy.

We are delighted to be partnering with Coohurst LTC, offering members a free trial and a 15% discount on the term time programme and holiday camps with code MUMS15.

For any questions you may have or for further information please contact

Twitter:  @CoolhurstTennis
Email :
Mobile: 07403765215

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