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Choosing a photographer is a deeply personal decision. When it comes to documenting a special event, taking those first photos of your precious new-born or freeze-framing that moment your daughter says ‘I DO’, it is essential you are able to trust your photographer to envision that moment as you do, and translate that vision into a keepsake to be treasured forever.


Once you have found your photographer, any mum, bride-to-be or elated mother on their child’s christening day would know, this is just the first step in the battle for gorgeous snaps. The second step occurs 30 seconds after the camera starts flashing and you need to keep everyone in position, encourage the baby to smile, get the teenager off the phone and the threenagers to stop fighting over the only green cup.

Exhausted already? Now say Cheese!!

How can a photographer translate the emotions and history we feel at a particular moment? At a particular event? All the while keeping their subjects relaxed.

This got us at Muswell Hill Mums thinking. We wanted to find a local photographer who was both able to create beautiful portraits and carefree candid shots while creating a relaxed environment so you and your family can enjoy the experience.


What we found was a new resident of Muswell Hill. Ricardo of Pistacho Photography has travelled the world absorbing a wealth of culture which he elegantly translates into his art. He draws inspiration from his family with a 4 years old boy to create a wealth of beautiful portrait images.


Ricardo’s portrayal of human relationships is one of the reasons he is at the top of our list while he’s ability to create a relaxed and fun environment is what makes him so popular among clients. His secret to his pictures is the excellent relationship that he likes to make with his clients. He makes his clients feel at ease and relaxed producing beautiful pictures that will last forever and that will pass from generation to generation.



Web: http://www.pistachophotography.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pistachophotography/

Email: studio@pistachophotography.com

Phone: 07874709462

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