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Relax Kids with Kemi

‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults’. Frederick Douglas.

Local mum Kemi has worked with children for 16+ years as an ex primary teacher, a qualified practising children and young people’s counsellor and now a childrens relaxation coach! Kemi is deeply passionate about investing in our children’s emotional well being as believing that is the best way to secure their future as an adult.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about doing something to improve their child’s physical health yet there is sometimes a hesitation when we talk about improving the mental health of our children. Mental health seems to have negative connotations but it is just the same as physical health, we all have a mental health, just like we all have a physical health.

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Relax Kids Group sessions

Relax Kids uses a 7 steps system to teach children about relaxation and mindfulness through: movement, games, stretching, breathing exercises, peer massage, affirmations and visualizations. There is such flexibility and creativity with our sessions, we have different themes every 6 weeks. We can use our own themes such as pirate adventure , confidence boot camp and circus adventure or incorporate your own chosen theme into our sessions. Relax Kids sessions are a great and fun way to introduce children to relaxation and teach them valuable skills for their mental health that will last a lifetime. 

Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm at Tomato Studio, High Road East Finchley starting March 7th.
Fee: £9.50 a session or £40 for booking a 5 week block. We are starting with Happiness Theme as March 20th is international day of happiness.

Family and individual work

As a qualified BACP registered counsellor and a relaxed kids coach, Kemi can create a bespoke package to meet your needs, be it therapeutic work or relax kids sessions. A 1:1 session can be very specialized helping children and families understand their brains, behaviours and emotions. Kemi commonly works with anxiety, confidence issues, self esteem and many more. She can also provide stress relief techniques, deliver a well being and resilience programme to name a few.

Sessions will aid your child’s concentration and confidence and will equip them with tools to manage difficult emotions thus having practical skills they can use in their everyday life. They will become more emotional literate by being able to recognise their emotions better, how to manage them in a positive way and how to express their feelings clearly and effectively thus building their resilience. The classes also introduce children to meditation and relaxation techniques in a fun engaging way whilst learning vital skills that will help them for years to come.

Drawing and Talking (aged 7-13years old)

In her role as a qualified BACP registered children’s therapist, Kemi is able to offer therapeutic one to one drawing and talking sessions. Having trained on how to use this child centered  therapeutic tool,  she believes drawing and talking sessions are ideal for the more introverted child. Sessions are one to one and 30mins long and focus on prevention and early intervention of mild mental health difficulties.


It is a gentle and creative way to work with your child to meet their emotional needs. Drawing and talking works with your child’s inner world and puts no pressure or expectations on your child. It varies from the traditional ‘talking therapy’. For 30mins the child or young person, simply draws, no directed drawing at their pace and anything of their choice. If you would like more information on this, please do get in contact.

Muswell Hill Mums members receive a 10 % discount on a block booking of 6 sessions or more and for the one to one or family sessions and 15% discount on block bookings of 5 sessions or more.

Go Zen (Ages 8 -14 years old)
Go Zen! is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program that targets different mild mental health conditions. The programs are supported by animation videos and worksheets. Each program last between 4 – 8 weeks and are suitable for ages 8 – 14 years old. Sessions can be delivered as part of a family / 1:1 sessions or throughout the academic year in school.

Muswell Hill Mums members receive a 10 % discount on a block booking of 6 sessions or more and for the one to one or family sessions and 15% discount on block bookings of 5 sessions or more.




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