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The Louisa Drake Method

In the bustling world of modern day health and fitness, it can be hard to weed through the fads to find your ideal fitness regime.  We recently had the honour to try a system unlike anything we have ever tried before.

Before we tell you about the system, it is important to note right away the after feeling. This system is tough, a mixture of strength and cardio, it is designed to test your body and push your limits but the sense of empowerment and strength afterwards is beyond comparison.

So, that being said, we would like to introduce you to the Louisa Drake Method.

Louisa Drake is a fitness expert and founder and creator of The Louisa Drake Method, a unique fitness-fusion approach to working out that specialises in creating a longer, leaner and strengthened physique.

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The Method was created by drawing upon her illustrious industry experience and a deep understanding of women’s bodies and how they can transform through exercise.  A buzz is quietly building around LDM’s already dedicated disciples who wish to keep their best-kept fitness secret to themselves.
So what is the Method? 
A LDM session will take its participants through the most transformative elements of existing fitness disciplines, delivering seamless and choreographed transitions between resistance, conditioning, cardio and stretch. Expect a dynamic workout. You’ll go from floor work to a resistance band, from a ball to the weights and then onto a bar, you’ll stretch with yoga positions and strengthen with elements of Pilates.

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The Method is a shape-changer, it boosts metabolism, burns fat and leans out muscles for increased flexibility that creates a coveted sculpted body. In just four weeks you will notice a transformation with glowing skin, a feeling of energy and a healthier, stronger body.

The Louisa Drake Method aims to help women find balance in their approach to health and wellbeing. Alignment based and effective movement delivers noticeable strength and results in a matter of sessions. As much emphasis is put on helping women (and men) achieve weight and body goals as there is on promoting a holistic and healthy attitude towards fitness. Nutritional and lifestyle guidance is offered to achieve overall wellbeing and maximise the results of LDM training.

So where can you find LDM?

LDM has operated out of Fitzrovia LDM Boutique Studio since September but has recently opened its doors in Muswell Hill! So why not check it out at the newly launched LDM Boutique Studio located within Sweaty Betty Muswell Hill for small group classes & Private training.  The method can even be accessed from home by booking an LDM Private session. Soho House members can also access weekly LDM sessions at Shoreditch House and Louisa and her team have a mix of workshops and events on offer with other wellbeing brands.

Want to work out more independently? The Louisa Drake Method online video series allows users to purchase signature LDM sessions. Ideal when you are stuck at home or want to take your workouts away with you.


Now you know we are fans! We recently had the opportunity to try LDMs shape changer class. We like to consider ourselves relatively fit mammas but my goodness this tested our resolve and pushed us beyond our limits. This fab class is a full-on workout, very structured and intense with a mix of cardio and strength.  But don’t fool yourself into thinking this is all pain…. No No No. Louisa loves women and this translates into her classes. The comradery, the giggles….. the sweat!! We had a fabulous time and came away feeling proud of ourselves with just a few aches and pains.

So want to try a method that works, meet some fab women and have a great time! Want to do all that and come away feeling stronger? Then check out the LDM method, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Louisa Drake Method

at Sweaty Betty Muswell Hill

80 Muswell Hill Broadway, N10 3RU

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