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Parenting has got to be the most demanding as well as the most rewarding job we can experience.  And let’s face it, being a parent is a joy but can also be stressful.

Hypnotherapy can be a useful tool to help parents feel more relaxed in their daily (and nightly) tasks and to lower stress levels.

Local hypnotherapist Steve Dell told us more:

Stress is an inevitable part of life.  And we’ve evolved well enough to deal with stress. It’s called sleep. Each night, when we sleep, we re-run the events of the day and convert them from being emotional memories to narrative memories. In other words, we process them, we file them and we organise them.

And by doing that, we have control over them, so that by the following morning those events don’t feel so raw. It seems too obvious to say that sleep should be restful. But without it being restful, whatever needs processing ends up not getting processed and can remain stuck in your brain.

Over time, more of these unprocessed thoughts and experiences build up and create a backlog, making restful sleep less and less likely; while making anxiety, depression, and anger, and all the performance-related consequences of that more likely.

So stress is bad when it reaches a level where our sleep is affected. With a build up of stress, we walk around the following day trying to make sense of events seen through the prism of our primitive system; the part that is in charge of making instant, survival-based judgements.

And because of that, everything starts to seem inappropriately worse, giving our poor and overworked brains even more to process during the next sleep.

Hypnotherapy can break that vicious circle. And over time, hypnotherapy allows us to see the world less through our primitive system and more via the part of our brain that is cool, positive, innovative and easy. We start to see the world appropriately again. Hypnosis is not sleep but it does replicate the same, restful alpha-waves of (just before) sleep. And in this state we can de-stress. Our subconscious mind can go to work uninterrupted and we can entertain positive thoughts of change. Entertaining these thoughts is enough to start the process of actual, real and profound, positive change.

For a greater understanding of Hypnotherapy and how Steve can support you, contact him. He offers our members 10% discount for the 1st and 2nd appointment.

Phone: 07966464005

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