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Mums, it’s a common truth…we often do not look after ourselves.  When you are so busy juggling family lives, taking time out to take care of our minds and bodies is quite literally another job on the to do list!

Let us just stop to consider this, the stress and trauma inflicted on your body throughout pregnancy and childbirth should not be ignored, our bodies are thrown into a constant state of chaos, movement and repair from the moment those little hearts start beating, then after? We bounce toddlers on our hips whilst carrying baby car seats, crawl through purple tunnels at soft play, empty the dishwasher, reload the tumble dryer, pick up wayward rice crispies…. the list is endless, so how can we recover?

As always Muswell Hill Mums has found you the perfect solution – meet The Robin Kiashek Clinics specialising in Osteopathy, Western Acupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy.

Before your first treatment, Robin Kiashek will carry out a full assessment, decide on the most suitable treatment approach and work with you to improve your symptoms and prevent them from returning.

With over 20 years’ experience, Robin offers safe and effective treatment for a wide age range of patients. Not only will he work with you to alleviate your symptoms, but he suggests lifestyle changes to help minimise the chances of your symptoms recurring.

The best part, the clinic is on our door steps,  just off Fortis Green.

About the treatments:


Osteopathy aims to treat and prevent health complaints by moving, stretching and massaging muscles and joints in a gentle manner. Through the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders such as those of muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, cartilage, tendons and the general skeletal system and also identifying underlying, causative factors, Osteopathy can not only help to heal specific conditions but also work towards improving your overall health.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

LLLT has been used in the field of osteopathy for some time and is widely available for the treatment of pain, the healing of wounds and musculoskeletal conditions. Low Level Laser Therapy cannot harm or burn your skin and in addition to the direct healing applications, LLLT also provides a highly effective, needle-free acupuncture medium. It uses low power or ‘soft’ laser light to alter cellular function, improve outcomes and speed up your body’s natural healing process safely and effectively. You will benefit from the resolution of soft tissues injuries and pain syndromes without the discomfort and side-effects of many other forms of more intrusive treatments.

LLLT used in combination with general osteopathic techniques can offer dramatic pain relief and help rapid resolution of the majority of acute and chronic pain syndromes.

Western Acupuncture

Western Acupuncture is a therapy which fuses traditional Eastern principles of acupuncture with a Western approach to medicine and science. Primarily known as a treatment which aims to relieve pain, the applications of Western Acupuncture have widened significantly as the practice has evolved.

Traditionally seen as a pain relief therapy, Western Acupuncture may help a variety of ailments, including pain relief, nausea, sleep issues, infertility and promotion natural healing.

To find out more about how Robin can help you, get in touch with him.

If you have health insurance, either personally or as part of your work cover, you may also be able to claim back part/all of the cost of your treatment.


The Twyford Practice

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