As parents, each and every day we make crucial decisions for our children, all intended to help them make future decisions for themselves and give them the best possible start. And none is as essential as deciding on their education.

What school our children attend and the teachers who will inspire them, the environment that will nurture them, and the peers who will contribute to shaping them.

Every child is different and has different needs. On occasion, our little ones may need additional support and for that we may look to tuition because I don’t know about you, but our trigonometry and Pythagorean theorem are a little rusty!

You may already be aware of, or if your little one is still quite little, you may want to note London Home Tutors.  Having been based in Muswell Hill for 35 years, it is still going strong helping parents to source the most suitable tutor education can offer.

London Home Tutors isn’t like any other agency. They work closely with parents to locate a tutor that can not only assist with the academic requirement but also learning style and personalities so your child will love to learn and feel inspired to achieve their academic goals.

How does it work? Simply pay a one-off registration fee of £50. This is a lifetime membership and covers all siblings. For a full breakdown of tuition fees please see their website

London Home Tutors offers an academic assessment to see where your child needs additional support and ensure they are matched with the tutor that best fits their interest, personality and needs.

London Home Tutors recognises that the competition for senior school places is fierce and parents are now looking for tuition for the 7+ and 11+ to secure a place in the desired school.LHT FB Main banner

London Home Tutors works closely with families and tutors throughout this process to ensure that realistic targets are set so children can achieve their academic goals and lay down a good foundation for learning.

Quite simply London Home Tutors has the thumbs up from Muswell Hill Mums!

To arrange your child’s tuition or discuss how London Home Tutors might help, please contact the team at:

Phone 020 8883 2519


North London Office

51 Collingwood Avenue, N10 3EE


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