Winter is upon us and we don’t know about you but with the decrease in temperatures we are finding it harder and to entice our small humans outside. We all know fresh air and exercise improves their concentration, health and wellbeing but how do we keep their activity consistent all year round? Like us you may be struggling to separate your children from their tablets on a Saturday morning. You may be worried that the only exercise they get is the walk home from school? Or maybe you just want them to learn a healthy sport where they can stay fit and improve their confidence and wellbeing in a safe environment?

Well as usual we’ve found the answer for you, Little Stars is a Saturday football club in Highgate Wood, for kids aged 3 and over, run by coach Bracken and his team of assistants.

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Not only are Bracken and his team experts in their field but we found them all to be engaging and exceptionally motivational when encouraging children to achieve their own personal best.

But, most importantly, unlike most football clubs the focus is squarely on fun and enjoyment, just the way it should be!

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The club also offers a one to one coaching session where kids can take part in a bespoke private session to improve their skills, balance, co-ordination and confidence.

We adore this sporty safe haven for our little people and are huge fans of the whole team. What else do we love about Little Stars…. They host the most fabulous parties for our budding sports starts.

Children can expect all the fun and games they experience at their usual sessions, with a few special party tricks and treats thrown in for the sportsman / sportswoman of the hour. Guests leave their parties with a huge smile and lots of fantastic memories, what else could you ask for on your little ones special day!

Book a free trial session now and let your littles ones experience the fun for themselves! Muswell Hill Mums card holders can enjoy 10% off monthly price of £35.

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