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Ask just about any new parent what’s on their mind, and you are likely to hear the same answer over and over again: Sleep.

Parents of newborns may joke about sleep deprivation being a normal “rite of passage,” but the fact is that many families suffer sleepless nights for months (or even years!) – and the toll it takes on the child AND the parents are no laughing matter. Nobody likes to hear it, but it is a true fact. Mums who wake up multiple times at night over an extended period of time are more likely to suffer from postnatal depression, and they are three times more likely to be carrying an extra 11 pounds by baby’s first birthday, according to research.

Mums also show a tendency to think that the whole situation is much less hard on their spouses as they are often not in charge of the “night shift”. So, it often times comes as a surprise to mums to hear that their partners have been suffering from feelings of abandonment, lack of power in helping their better halves out with taking care of their babies and lack of connection in the couple since the birth of their little ones. As the ongoing stress leads to a disconnect between the parents, this can have an impact on both parents’ performance at work too. Plus, when it comes to their child, multiple studies have shown a link between sleep problems in children and a number of behavioural problems, especially ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Eliana from Little Angel Sleep Consultancy is a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, certified with the Sleep Sense™ method which has successfully helped more than 80,000 families in the world with their children’s sleep issues. Eliana works with children from the age of 7 weeks to 8 years and with expecting parents interested in getting their babies off to a great sleep start from day 1. She is the Founder of Little Angel Sleep Consulting and proud Mum to Sofia, who is 19 months. Eliana is also a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and is the first and only Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant in Italy, her home country. Eliana told us:

“Based on my experience working with many families in the UK and internationally, tackling the problem early is the most important step in avoiding these issues. Parents often carry a sense of guilt in wanting to get a better, longer nighttime sleep as this makes them feel “selfish” or not responsible for the good care of their children. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Babies and toddlers want to sleep, and they need good quality sleep as their fuel to grow into happy, healthy, and successful little people. No need to mention that when a child starts sleeping well, the entire family can enjoy countless other benefits. Better family mood and morale, regained connection as a couple, higher well-being of each individual in the family are just a few of them.

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Through a customised, gentle sleep approach, I have helped many families like yours establish healthy sleep habits for their little ones. I am a believer in every child and family’s uniqueness and in how this uniqueness has a great impact on a child’s sleep habits and needs. My success relies on my understanding of each family as a special unit, on the ability to adapt my sleep approach accordingly and on the great support I offer all families who work with me. More information about Eliana, her sleep philosophy and services are available at”

Special offers for Muswell Hill Mums members (valid until the end of October 2018):
– £ 30 on any Basic Sleep Consultation Package
– £ 45 on any Deluxe Sleep Consultation Package
– £ 60 on any Premium Sleep Consultation Package

To book a consultation or enquire about the next group seminar, contact Eliana directly.

Eliana Beeson
Certified Paediatric Consultant
Phone: +44 (0)7570660517

“Eliana was extraordinary in helping us, she listened to our problems and goals and prepared a tailored sleep plan for Rose. She was an enormous help in supporting and encouraging us when we were unsure and insecure.
My life has changed for the better in so many ways that it is hard to list. I feel a lot more confident as a mother and the quality of family life has improved tremendously.”

Mum to 9-month old baby girl
“Eliana is such a reassuring, caring person. Our little boy never slept well since he was born. At 10 weeks we decided to hire Eliana, as our sleepless nights were affecting Mark’s health and our well-being as a family and as a couple. Best choice in my life! Eliana was great from the first call until the end of the process and this was so important for me as Mark was so little. In less than 2 weeks, Mark learned to sleep in his own cot, with no dummy, to take regular naps, go to bed with no fuss and sleep 10 consecutive hours at night. Thank you so much Eliana!” 
Mum to 10-week old baby boy

“I was very skeptical about the idea of sleep training. I had read a few sleep books with no success. I met Eliana at an event and she seemed knowledgeable but, most importantly, approachable and sensitive. I will never stop thanking her for having changed our life as a family.”
Mum to 5-year old boy
“I was always nervous of ‘sleep training’ techniques but Eliana’s methods did not involve our feeling Clementine was distressed in any way and the whole process was much simpler than we thought! Thank you!!!”
Mum to 7-month old baby girl

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