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Are you having trouble with anything legal? A Brief Q and A with Maya Bhatiani, the Head of Family at Laurus London, a specialist law firm for private clients, to see how their team can help you.

  1. Who are we and what do we do?

Hello, nice to meet you! Laurus London is a law firm in Farringdon that aims to meet all of your family’s needs.  We have 3 departments: the Family Team, the Property Team and the Legacy Team.

The Family department focuses on all matrimonial, financial and children issues and we assist parents who are looking to separate, those who are unmarried and looking to cohabit or to plan ahead to protect their assets and those who are experiencing conflict over their children. We also advise grandparents and our aim is to minimise acrimony, provide full support and resolve disputes wherever we can.

The Property team deals with all residential conveyancing in the most stress-free way possible and our Legacy team can assist in Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax issues and your Will and they also advise and draft Lasting Powers of Attorney to protect your loved ones.

  1. So how can we help you?

Have you had a baby and need to review your Will? Maybe you are looking to move in with your long-term partner, but aren’t sure what safeguards you may need to put in place in terms of your finances or assets.  Are you having an issue with your partner or your parents that you don’t know how to resolve without some help? Maybe you are a single parent and want to know whether you can move out of the area with your children or to see how to get the other parent more involved. Maybe you want to sell your house, but you don’t know where to start. We can assist you with all of these questions and then some, at Laurus.

  1. So, when is a good time to speak to a solicitor?

Here at Laurus, we can assist at any time. First off, just pick up the phone. Any of our experienced staff can help you and you will be put through to a solicitor for a quick initial chat, whatever your query. It is never too early or too late to speak to us and we can discuss your options and guide you as to next steps, whether it is a query about selling a house, getting a Will, separation or mediation – we can help. If you don’t want your partner to know, they don’t have to – our discussions will be entirely confidential and we won’t send anything to you, unless you tell us its ok.

  1. If I speak to a solicitor, will I have to go to court?

Well, that depends on what your query is about and what has happened. If your query relates to a family matter such as taking your child abroad if you are separated or wanting to re-locate abroad or in the UK, then we may need to make a court application if this can’t be agreed.  If, for example, you are separating and there is a dispute about the children or finances, there are other options such as mediation, which may mean that you won’t need to go to court.  However, if you want to make a Will or buy a property, going to court would be highly unusual.

  1. What is mediation and how long does it take, will my kids need to be involved?

Mediation is a process where you and your partner go to discuss an issue that needs to be resolved. You can sit in separate rooms if that is more comfortable for you. The mediator will go between you both to see what both your views are and try to come to an agreement that suits you both. Mediators can be specialist family mediators, or trained to conduct mediation with children (if this is appropriate) or they can be solicitors who conduct mediation. There are likely to be mediators local to your area.

  1. I am finding things difficult to cope with; do I go straight to a solicitor?

Not necessarily, here at Laurus we promote communication and seek to open a dialogue between parties as soon as possible. Before you come to us, it may be that you want to discuss things with your partner, or to seek relationship counselling or maybe you would need to see your GP if you are feeling anxious or low. Maybe it would benefit you to see a therapist to see if they can help you alongside us, if the matter if particularly emotive or stressful for you.

Whatever your problem, here at Laurus we would be happy to help you. If you would like to find out more, please call us on 0203 146 6300 or email info@lauruslaw.co.uk.

Please keep an eye out for our next article, which will discuss common problems we see involving children and how those can be resolved.

By Maya Bhatiani

Head of Family Department


Maya is a highly skilled matrimonial lawyer, whose aptitude and down to earth approach is greatly valued by her clients. Maya focusses mainly on matrimonial finances for high net worth individuals, drafting and advising on pre and post nuptial agreements, cohabitation disputes and she also runs a multifaceted children caseload, concentrating on complex issues arising from applications under Section 8 Children Act.

Maya is an exceedingly competent, efficient and approachable lawyer who has built solid relationships with some of the top family barristers in London.

Tel: 020 3146 6318

Web: https://www.lauruslaw.co.uk/

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