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Ladies do you feel like Superwoman? The superwoman who is the heroic fabulously hot female or the super woman who is burnt out from doing so much for everybody else, that she has totally lost all sense of her self, her confidence and what makes her happy?

Well if you are the latter have no fear, you are not alone. As a Confidence and Empowerment Coach for women this is something Keeley often hears. She works with women who have given their power away because they have forgotten how wonderful, worthy and incredible they are.

“Life can be challenging at times and when we get into a relationship or when we have a family, we have a few more challenges to worry about and this can mean that we forget to prioritize our needs and ourselves. We all have needs and yours are just as important as everyone else’s you are serving.

Every woman deserves to live a happy fulfilled life, knowing her worth and what she wants. Whether you label yourself as a mum/wife/partner or career woman, outside of those labels you are still YOU. Having your own sense of identity and making sure your needs are being met, means you can really show up as the best version of yourself, which in turn makes everyone around you happy, but more importantly you.

So if right now you are

  • Feeling lost, lacking confidence, self worth and your sense of identity
  • Feeling like you are in an unhappy and unfulfilled rut, unsure of how to get out of it and lacking the belief in yourself and what you want.
  • Struggling within your relationship, feeling alone/ undervalued and unsure on how to create change.
  • In need of some support and guidance to help you get back to feeling like the incredible woman you are

I want you to know that you do not have to accept a life that does not make you happy. You do not need to succumb to giving everything to everyone else and nothing to yourself. You can create any change in you want in your life, but you must first believe in yourself and know you are worthy of having more.

As a Coach I love helping the women I work with reconnect to themselves and find their identity again. It’s with our sense of identity that we feel confident, empowered and in control of our lives and relationships. We all have a choice when life is giving us lemons, we can choose to make lemonade or we can choose to keep stacking up the fruit bowl…

What are you choosing? Acknowledging that you are not living life the way you want and deserve is the first step towards creating any change. Working with a coach having support, guidance and accountability, means that you are taking action towards having the life you deserve. One that  fills you up and is on your terms.”


“Live as though life was created for you” – Maya Angelou

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