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Kidz Kabin is a group of nurseries with two sites in Muswell Hill and one in Wood Green. Owner and founder Linda Symons has built a culture of early years learning inspired by children. Kidz Kabin foster learning through the pillars of curiosity, active engagement and scaffolded activities.

As a diverse, inclusive nursery the nursery welcomes children from any background and support them through learning and play experiences whatever their challenges. The same applies to staff – Linda doesn’t just look for qualifications and experience (although those are important), but also look for potential. She cares about everyone who comes through the doors be they staff, child, carer or parent.

Kidz Kabin develops fresh approaches to and innovations for early years education. All members of staff are challenged and encouraged to develop themselves professionally and personally. The nursery teachers promote self worth, self esteem and confidence so the children believe in what they can do and staff members believe in their abilities too. Their belief in children and staff fosters an environment of trust, closeness and positive well being. This environment – akin to a family – models a positive way of structuring relationships that is constantly demonstrated to the children in our care.

How do Kidz Kabin help children to learn?

The staff members are key to the children’s learning – they are active participants there to support children rather than watching from the sidelines. However we do not encourage spoon-feeding. Our learning methods are based on learning through listening to the children, engaging with them and scaffolding the experiences they have.


We engage in active learning where the children are put in the position of evidence-based discoverers – they take part in spontaneous activities as well as planned ones. Children have instincts of tangential curiosity and questioning. We encourage children to follow these curious instincts until they are satisfied with the answers they have discovered.

It’s A Big World Out There!

One of the most recent innovations at Kidz Kabin is bringing in Forest School methods of learning.

Children are encouraged to find their voices in outdoor environments where walls, tables, chairs or any rigid, human-made structures do not restrict their play and learning. The principle is that surroundings have an impact on children and their confidence. They should feel as at home in natural environments surrounded by trees as they do indoors surrounded by toys. Outdoor experiences are so important for physical and mental health and well being and we encourage outdoor play and trips to local parks as much as possible.


Our activities and facilitators have varied over the years and are not always in-house. Since 2011 we have worked with professional practitioners in:

  • Street dancing
  • Yoga
  • Ukulele lessons
  • Sports education

These physical and musical activities enhance the development of the children at Kidz Kabin providing them with well-rounded experiences. We also offer curated outings in our mini bus to:

  • Museums
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Wildlife parks
  • Theatres
  • Local amenities such as fire stations, farms and libraries

kidzkabin2Kidz Kabin has developed relationships with local care homes to promote intergenerational relationships that benefit the children and residents of the homes. We have weekly visits where the children and residents take part in activities together and the feedback is always glowing – they love the visits! These on-going relationships tie us to the local community and we are able to give back to it as much as we receive.


We Are What We Eat:

We have set up a child-sized garden shop that includes an allotment style area where (when the weather allows it) we grow our own seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as other plants. This engages children in understanding how they connect to the natural world and helps them to see where their food comes from.

Our chefs cook three meals on site every day for the children – breakfast, lunch and tea. All our menus are meat free as we are conscious of sustainability at Kidz Kabin. There are also many health benefits to reducing meat intake and we aim to provide as many balanced meals as possible. We have plenty of other sources of protein in the delicious fresh meals and we provide lots of nutritious fruit and vegetable based snacks.

Why you should come and see what Kidz Kabin do:

Everything we do is inspired by how children play, learn and interact. We pride ourselves on building a nurturing, fun and educational environment where we provide the best care for the people most important to you. We keep developing what we provide and we are proud to say we are a National Nursery Recognition Awards 2018 finalist for the Innovation Recognition category. Children are always learning, so we are too.


We offer free stay and play sessions on Friday mornings that give you the opportunity to do some fun activities with your little ones and give us the opportunity to provide a valuable service to our community.


For more information on these sessions you can call 0208 8815 5922 or email with the subject “Free stay and play”. Or if this doesn’t suit you, you can book a visit to come and see us. We’ll show you around and answer any questions you might have.

We are also offering an exclusive 10% discount on fees for the first three months. This offer is valid when you come to us for the first time as a Muswell Hill Mums member and is available until May 2019. Please show your membership card when booking your place with Kidz Kabin. Terms and conditions apply and are available from Kidz Kabin directly.

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