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Vertebrae and Spring is a team of five expert Pilates teachers specialising in pre and post natal Pilates and women’s health issues. The team offers home visits for bespoke 1:1 or 1:2 sessions in Muswell Hill, Hampstead and Dartmouth park areas.

Founded by Jasmin Perrow in 2013 whilst she was living in Muswell Hill Vertebrae and Spring provides top quality Pilates in a way that is accessible for women who have young children and busy lifestyles.

– Who is it suitable for?

Six weeks after the birth (8 for a c section) you can start gentle exercise; so learning some things to practice at home to build your strength back up is ideal. You can also have sessions in your pregnancy during second and third trimester to help support your body and prepare for the birth. It’s never too late to start even if you are 1 year or 10 years post natal the sessions can still be beneficial.

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– Why do Pilates?

Pilates is a great way to learn to use your body more efficiently, with ease and enjoy movement as a mum. Most pregnant women and new mums have some aches and pains due to the massive amounts of change that happen in your body at this time and mums are suddenly faced with tasks such as breastfeeding for long periods or lifting and carrying heavy toddlers! Pilates helps you to build strength in muscles that are going to support your back, hips and shoulders.

It’s also great for restoring your abdominal muscles!

If you’re dealing with something like diastasis recti (gap in your abdominals), prolapse, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor problems or back problems a bespoke Pilates session can really help your symptoms and get you to a place where you can move and exercise more easily.

– What’s so special about Vertebrae and Spring?

Every session with a Vertebrae and Spring Pilates teacher is bespoke and created to balance each client’s individual body; crafted from knowledge, experience and exceptional care and enthusiasm for what they do.

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Vertebrae and Spring focus on the person in front of us rather than teaching a set series of movements. No two bodies are alike and no two experiences of being a mum are alike, working 1:1 or in a small group at home will mean you get a session that’s right for you. The flexibility of a home visit means you can fit the session around your schedule or little one’s nap time! Vertebrae and Spring also offer sessions up to 8pm in the evening.

Jasmin told us. “All our teachers have trained at top quality Pilates schools and are thoroughly educated on biomechanics and how to deal with muscular skeletal problems in a Pilates setting. Besides Pilates the teachers have a wealth of knowledge and skills between us, including Yoga, Mindfulness coaching, sports medicine and somatic movement. Most of us have been teaching for 10 years or more and we have all worked at top Yoga studios or health care clinics. We practice Pilates regularly ourselves and have a real passion for enjoying movement and developing our work.”

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