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The skin is our largest organ, yet so many of us take looking after it for granted, particularly when it comes to protecting it from the damaging effects of the sun. As skin care professionals and ambassadors of healthy and safe skin care practices, DestinationSkin in Muswell Hill are sharing their best tips for protecting it throughout the summer months and whilst on your holidays, so you can maintain glowing, healthy skin, all year round.

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SECRET ONE: Invest in a good SPF

SPF lotions and sun creams help to protect your skin by increasing the amount of time that you can stay in the sun, without getting burnt. For example, a factor 30 SPF extends the amount of time that you can stay in the sun by 30 times.

Choose your level of SPF according to your skin’s tolerance to the sun; if you have fair skin or are prone to burning, and if you have a history of skin cancer in your family, opt for something higher! Also ensure you’re picking an SPF with both UVB and UVA, so that you’re fully protected. Shop our face and body SPFs here.

SECRET TWO: Get your skin UV assessed!

Find out if you have sun damaged skin, and how you can work to reverse the damage and prevent it in the future with our free UV skin assessments. Able to identify underlying skin conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage, dryness, dehydration, oiliness and others, that the naked eye wouldn’t be able to see, ask one of our practitioners next time you’re in clinic for your free assessment!


SECRET THREE: Stay hydrated

Keep your body cool and prevent feeling faint in the heat by keeping topped up on the H2O whilst you’re out enjoying the warmer weather. Also great for getting that extra hydration after a day in the sun, use the fantastic Dermaquest Advanced B5 Hydrating Serum – the ultimate drink for the skin!

SECRET FOUR: Be aware of how long you’ve been lounging!

Whether you’re on a beach in the South Med or soaking up the rays in your back garden, it can be easy to forget how long you’ve been sat in the sun! Set a timer on your phone to make sure you’re getting a little shade at regular intervals, when you can also top that SPF up!

SECRET FIVE: SPF’s not just for the summer!

It’s equally as important to be wearing an SPF all year round, particularly on your face. SPFs also shield our skin from free radicals (AKA air pollution), so wearing it daily is essential for protecting your skin long term (We love the Heliocare tinted SPF; a great daily SPF that you can even replace your foundation for!)


We hope our secrets have given you a good idea of how you can keep your skin protected whilst frolicking in the sun this year! If you’ve got any further questions on sun care safety for your skin, send them over to us at!

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Muswell Hill Mums members receive 20% discount off their first treatment.
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