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Alex & Bro

We don’t know about you but at Muswell Hill Mums we adore how fashion has become an intimate piece of self-expression rather than a production line of copycat style. Yes, we all love looking at the trends but how we piece these together is entirely personal and can show the world who we are. This is none so true when styling one’s home. Your home encompasses your world, your memories, your laughter, your tears, stresses and elation, even lazy Sunday mornings spent curled up in your PJs.

Having said that, most of us find it tough to translate our unique style into our home and it is no mystery why. Balancing aesthetics with function is an art form and no easy task which is why sometimes you need the help of an expert.

Alex & Bro are two experienced designers, Julia Alexander and Tamara Broido, united in their passion for mixing old and new and making interior design real and accessible to all.

While offering styling and sourcing assistance, Alex & Bro also hold workshops in their home for small groups to discuss, create, inspire and bring all your homily visions to life! Their workshops are fabulous fun, very informative and you will walk away itching to create your colour board, revamp and revitalise. If you are a complete novice or an experienced pro, everyone will leave Alex and Bro’s hands on workshop with inspiration for your own projects.


So if home is where the heart is, surely the best designer is you? We think so but everyone needs a helping hand so what are you waiting for?

A giggle packed afternoon, yummy lunch and design workshop is waiting for you!


So call the girls, take some time and enjoy being in the safe hands of Alex & Bro.

Next workshop on 3rd November 2018 from 1-am – 1pm with brunch included for £75.

If you want to arrange another date, or have a few friends who want to do a private tailored course together, Alex & Bro are happy to help.

Or treat yourself to a personal interiors shopping experience with their guidance.


07973 638 043 (Julia) or 07866 597 974 (Tamara).




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