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Postnatal depression can occur immediately after welcoming a new baby or it can take up to a year to develop. Depression is an illness like any other, it is not your fault you are depressed – it can happen to anyone. Do not struggle alone hoping that the problem will go away. Speak to your GP or health visitor if you think you may have postnatal depression. With the right support, most women make a full recovery and support groups can improve symptoms of postnatal depression.

Embrace Support Group was started by two local Mums who had no postnatal depression support and who are here for any parent looking for support. The group offers an offering the opportunity to meet other mothers who are experiencing post natal depression and share ideas on how to cope with these feelings.
Embrace are there to listen, the mums know how you feel and you are not alone!
Postnatal Depression Support Group
Every Friday 12-2:30pm
Coppett’s Wood Children’s Centre
Coppetts Road
London N10 1JS
020 8883 2985
Any questions don’t hesitate to contact the group!


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