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What is Montessori?

If you have ever wondered what Montessori is, read on…

A place designed for children – everything in a Montessori ‘nursery’ is designed to allow children to do things by themselves – all the equipment is child-sized and the activities are laid out on low shelves that are easily accessible. The environment is aesthetically pleasing and is meticulously cared for which encourages the children to take care of it too.

Mixed ages – children between the ages of 21⁄2 and 6 are grouped together in one class. The younger children learn from watching the older children and the older ones benefiting by helping the younger children allowing children to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally.

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Independence – children choose their activities independently and move from one activity to the next, returning things to the shelf after they have used them. There is an atmosphere of calm and young children concentrate for surprising periods of time and work individually, in groups or with a friend.

Unfettered time – there is no fixed ‘timetable’. Children come together for group activities as the need and desire arises and at other times do their chosen activities for as long as they like.

A specially trained adult – the teacher is trained in child development, the Montessori approach and observation. She observes the capacities and needs of each child and makes sure that each is given new and appropriate challenges as and when they are ready for them. When a difficulty arises she will step in and give just enough help to guide the child.

Children work at their own individual pace – the teacher will show children things to do when they are ready developmentally so that each child moves at his own pace, developing skills effortlessly.

If this is what you want for your child’s start in life or you want to become a Montessori teacher yourself, visit for a local nursery and school.



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