We recently discovered a new artist in Muswell Hill!


Inspired by Muswell Hill’s very own ‘chewing gum man’ Ben Wilson, 11 year old Daisy liked the idea of being a Muswell Hill ‘street artist’. Daisy aka Urban Art Girl started photographing signs around Muswell Hill and is now turning them into road sign paintings.


From this week Daisy is showcasing her hand painted work at North&Ten with a selection of 6 fantastic pieces.


If you would like a custom street painting from Daisy, get in touch with her. Her parents are happy for her to take on 1 commission a week if there is demand.

Framed paintings are £40 of which £15 goes to Daisy.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanartgirl/

Email: phil@positivesite.com (Daisy’s dad)

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