We all know how kids soak up languages in the early years almost without effort. This is the ideal time to introduce them to a second or even a third language, and why not try out German.

London Language Hub was founded in 2015 by North London based Eva Litzenberg and now runs German classes in Muswell Hill.

Eva has been teaching German privately since 2008 specialising in creating an immersive learning environment for children from as young as one year old. LLH aims to teach the language in a fun, playful and engaging way with songs, games, sensory, play craft activities and much more.


Eva told us “April 15th saw our first German Class at The Clissold Arms. The class entitled Unsere Mondfahrt (Our Journey to the Moon) saw us singing along to moon songs (children and parents enjoyed Mann im Mond by Die Prinzen), explore moon sand and listen to a movement version of Peterchens Mondfahrt. In the following classes we helped Hexe Genitiva (witch Genitiva) find her broomstick and count how many eggs were laid by the chickens in the Clissold Arms’ shed.”

In future classes London Language Hub will be exploring the far away world of the dinosaurs, animals in the zoo, robots and many more followed by a morning talking about all things spring: flowers, bees and butterflies. See if you can catch one.


Clissold Arms

105 Fortis Green

N2 9HR

Price: £10 on the door, £8 if term is paid in advance.

Booking: Class size is limited, so booking is highly recommended.


Phone: 07980386718



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