How often have you tried on a skirt off the rack that you really liked, but then it didn’t fit right? Or maybe you were looking for a special type of clothing and just couldn’t find it.

Local seamstress Nicole can help you to alter a garment to achieve the perfect fit or to create custom made clothing such as wedding dresses. We spoke to Nicole to find out more about her.


Tell us about yourself and what you do:

My name is Nicole Mulkerrin and I am a local mum to Muswell Hill. I specialize in made to measure clothes and also do alterations, mini childrens wear and women’s wear collections. To be honest anything that involves sewing I am in to.


I provide a bespoke service to cater to every clients needs and body shape. Only the best fabrics are used and each is handled with care.  It ranges from very complicated and detailed stuff like wedding dresses to just a pair of good fitting jeans.


What inspires you?

Fabric is a big inspiration for me. I love pure fibres and the gorgeous effect it gives on the finished piece. Also body shape is big inspiration. It is an amazing feeling when someone has been having a difficult time finding a pair of trousers that fit properly and you can make them something that makes them feel good and confident.


How / where did you train to become a seamstress?

Several years ago I was lucky enough to meet a couturier who kindly handed me down her knowledge. I trained with her for 5 years and still go to her from time to time. I feel there is an endless amount to learn and study when it comes to fashion and evolving techniques. She guided me through the process of creation, starting from vision to completed garment.


What is it about sewing that you enjoy and are passionate about?

I love being able to create what comes to my  mind. I think that pattern cutting is the most fascinating process. Watching a single piece of fabric transform from cloth to completed garment is amazing.


How would you encourage someone who has never sewn to give it a try?

I would say go out and buy a basic sewing machine and get stuck in. There is so many resources out there to help people get started from the internet to local classes. Most recently I have started a few classes in Fringe, make your own changing mat and make this reversible A- line dress for children. I will also be starting my own classes from home in the future.

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Contact Nicole at:



Phone: 07702232765


Twitter: @nicolemulkerrin

Instagram @nicolemulkerrin


Photographer: Beatrix Fuhrmann Photography.

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