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Coming home with a new baby is an exciting time. You have everything all organised and well-wishers are everywhere are offering to help “with anything at all”. A few weeks later, somewhere between good intentions and reality you find yourself alone, exhausted desperate for a shower. All those who offered to help are engrossed in their pre-arranged plans, and to be honest you probably don’t have the energy to put on a bra, let alone have a conversation with them, you just need HELP.

This is where Helper Bees can be a life saver. Helper Bees offer to come to your home for just a few hours a day to do your household chores while you catch your breath. A Helper Bee will look after your children, do your grocery shopping, clean, cook, do your laundry and even walk your dog while you rest, bond with your baby, catch a shower or just zone out. They are a niche nanny agency with expertise in supporting families with new born babies. They have staff with breast feeding expertise and a child psychotherapist who can help with the introduction of a new baby to his / her siblings.

Helper Bees is the brain child of consultant paediatrician Dr Tamara Bugembe who observed a similar service in Holland whilst visiting her new-born god-daughter. Mothers all around the world need help, but women in the UK are uniquely isolated when it comes to postnatal support. London has seen a surge in birth rates in the last two years which has resulted in many women being discharged from hospital after delivering a baby a lot sooner than in the past. A national shortage of midwives and health visitors has resulted in community support that is sparser and shorter than our European counterparts. As a doctor she has noticed that not only are new families struggling to ask for help, but that the assistance they really need is just not available.


Unlike a typical nanny agency, Helper Bees provides and on-call service and a range of short packages from 3 days to 14 days. Unlike your mother in law, Helper Bees float in an out without judgement and criticism. Unlike doulas, babysitters or au-pairs, the staff hold recognised child care qualifications. Helper Bee staff are specially selected for the support and skills they can provide families with new born babies.


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